FAQs and Project Facts

  1. Why is the viaduct closed today?
    The bridge was posted and ultimately closed to vehicular traffic for public safety reasons and is considered “structurally deficient” and “functionally obsolete.”
  2. What is the source of funding for the project?
    80% of the funding for final design services is provided by the Federal Highway Administration. The remaining will be provided by PennDOT (15%) and the City of Erie (5%).
  3. Who is the Project Team?
    The Project Team consists of three entities:
    -Project Owner - the City of Erie
    -Project Oversight - PennDOT (on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration)
    -Project Designer (Prime Consultant) - TranSystems
    -Sub-consultants include Olszak Consulting, Monaloh Basin Engineers, and AD Marble & Company.
  4. What overall improvements are part of the project?
    An improved pedestrian connection will utilize the Bayfront Connector sidewalk to the intersection of the Bayfront Connector and East 12th Street, with sidewalk improvements on the northern side of East 12th Street to the intersection of East Avenue. Pedestrian improvements are being designed at East 12th Street and the Bayfront Connector, consisting of new ADA ramps, crosswalks, expanded sidewalk and pedestrian refuge areas.
  5. How can I keep informed of the project’s progress? How do I get involved?
    The project website will be updated regularly. In addition, you may click here to sign up to be included on the project’s newsletter mailing list. Public meetings will be posted on the Public Meetings’ tab within the Project Overview menu option.
  6. Who is the project contact?
    The project contact is:
    Mr. Brian Krul, PE, PTOE
    Project Manager, Transportation Services
    (412) 402-4813.
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